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Invoices in Europe

If you conduct business on an international basis, you are required to issue invoices to residents from a variety of countries. In order to ensure that you are always acting in accordance with tax law and that you can always have clear conscience in the event of an extensive company audit there are a few rules that need to be observed. In this paper I intend to demonstrate to you which of these are applicable to billing in other European countries.

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How are dividend payments to foreign stockholders taxed in Germany?

When a corporation (a private limited liability company or a joint-stock company) distributes part of its profits to its stockholders or a cooperative does so to its members, these payments are referred to as dividends.

Foreign stockholders often find it hard to understand how their dividends will be taxed and which law is to be applied.

In the text below, I will help you to understand the taxation procedure in a clear way and show you what options you have and who you can consult if you are a foreign stockholder in a German corporation.

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How do I avoid a taxable business establishment in Germany?

As an international company, you quickly reach the point where you, abroad, constitute a taxable business establishment in Germany. In this regard, it is important to understand that this business establishment does not exist firstly through the intention of setting up a business establishment, but rather are justified by actual trade. The questions are then: “When is a tax obligation for foreign companies in Germany constituted?” and: “How can I check whether I am tax liable in Germany?”

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